2021 What We're Growing!

This year, we’ve made the decision to scale back a bit to allow us time to focus on some long-awaited farm house renovations. We will still be at the Canterbury Community Farmers Market each week with our vegetables and eggs and will keep the Canterbury Country Store stocked with our goodies as much as possible. We will NOT be offering a Farm Share this year. Check back here for updates on any pastured poultry we may offer later in the year.

Where to Buy Our Products!

Sanborn Meadow Farm raises quality, seasonal produce with an emphasis on a variety of greens and other market garden vegetables. We don't currently grow sweet corn, potatoes or typical large field crops as we don't have the space or equipment to cost-effectively grow those vegetables. Our offerings will change throughout the growing season so stay tuned to our social media pages for current updates.

2021 Planned Vegetable, Herb and Fruit Products

Sanborn Meadow Farm Vegetable


• Lettuce, full heads and baby leaf mixes • Spinach • Arugula • Mixed greens • Kale, full leaf and baby mixes • Swiss Chard • Beet Greens • Collards • Tatsoi • Pac Choi • Chinese Cabbage • Radishes • Carrots • Beets • Scallions • Snap Peas

Sanborn Meadow Farm Vegetable


• Basil • Parsley • Chives • Dill • Thyme • Mint • Lemon Balm; • Horseradish

Sanborn Meadow Farm Vegetable


  • Rhubarb; • Blueberries
Sanborn Meadow Farm Vegetable


  • Eggs from our pastured flock of laying hens.
    They are 100% on pasture during the warmer months and have a hoop house shelter for winter but can still roam outside, weather permitting. They are fed certified organic soy-free feed from Green Mountain Feeds, plus vegetable scraps from our garden and all the bugs, seeds, greens they can find in the pasture. Happy hens make better eggs!

Sanborn Meadow Farm Honey


  • From our own hives, carefully tended by our Master Beekeeper Scott!