Farmers Market & Country Store

Visit us at the Canterbury Community Farmers Market! This fabulous seasonal market runs June thru October. You can also find our products at the Canterbury Country Store.

What We Offer

Grown with Care

Our growing philosophy is to work with nature to grow the best produce for our customers and be transparent about our growing practices. Please join us and watch us grow!

More About Us

Eat Well. Be Well.

We care a great deal about the impact food quality and growing practices have on our health and the environment. We want to share what we've learned and inspire others.

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Sanborn Meadow Farm

Sanborn Meadow Farm

A neighborhood farm growing quality real food.

" other human occupation opens so wide a field for the profitable
and agreeable combination of labor with cultivated thought, as agriculture."
- Abraham Lincoln

Our beautiful 24-acre farm is located in Canterbury, New Hampshire. With a dream and a lot of hard work, we are making a commitment to our community by growing and raising real food. By purchasing our sustainably grown products, you become a partner with us as we care for our environment and strive for cleaner eating and living.

Sanborn Meadow Farm grows quality vegetables in a small market garden and fruits in developing areas around the property. We raise poultry for meat and eggs on pasture where the birds can eat grass and bugs, run around and bask in the sunshine. We keep honey bees and plan to expand the number of hives while also encouraging native bee populations through maintenance of wild flower areas and habitat. Future additions may include raising pigs on pasture and maple sugaring.

We entered into this endeavor with the belief that what you eat and how it's grown really matter - to your health, to your community, to the environment. By building the soil and not using chemical pesticides or herbicides, we can allow nature to do the work of nurturing our plants and animals. From our farm to your table, we promise nothing but the freshest possible foods grown with the greatest of care.

- Kathy & Scott Doherty